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& Now There’s A Place.

Ampersand - A cooperative for creative coworking. The first coworking space in Montgomery, Alabama dedicated to providing creative freelancers and professionals an environment to thrive.

Ampersand was designed for creatives to have a dedicated space to work, learn and meet in a professional setting - escaping isolation at home and distractions at the coffee shop.

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Advertiser: Co-working is working

“I like being able to come in and meet with people who are working for the same kinds of businesses, and being able to network that way,” said Culpepper. She exchanged ideas Tuesday with other business owners at Ampersand, a co-working space that opened last year in downtown Montgomery.

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Montgomery’s first co-op workspace hopes to give creative freelancers a place to call their own. For freelancers and those that work from home in Montgomery, finding a space that meets, both, the need for a quiet environment and the desire to interact with others can be difficult… »

Advertiser: New co‑working space

The concept of co-working — where people, generally independent freelancers from different professions, share a collaborative work environment — is not new. But a new space in downtown Montgomery will offer such professionals a chance to build their own businesses, while also tapping into the resources of others…

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